Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is a key element of operations at Gems Hygiene; our team have been working hard to produce a policy that embraces delivering a sustainable future whilst not inhibiting the quality of our products and service.

To demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability, Gems has drawn up a five-point plan outlining our green credentials:

1. To lead by example – Gems’ staff are trained to offer advice and guidance on suitable products and their correct usage, to avoid wastage.
2. To observe a stringent chemicals policy – Gems only supplies products that meet and where possible, exceed regulatory requirements. We actively source suppliers who have voluntarily removed minority ingredients that are not covered by existing industry agreements, but that are not considered justifiable.
3. To source innovative products that make cleaning easier – products that clean effectively first time eliminate the need to repeat the action and therefore, reduce the amount of chemicals being used.
4. To minimise packaging and transportation – by supplying products in larger doses, we can reduce the number of bottles you need to buy and the deliveries we make.
5. To work in partnership with customers – Gems sources products that use the most biodegradable materials and we always urge clients to recycle their empty containers.